Police checking VMPs in Palma.

Police checking VMPs in Palma.

04-08-2021Palma Policia Local

Palma Local Police have launched a crackdown on electric scooters that have been rigged to run at twice the legal speed limit.

Traffic Unit Officers have already intercepted several electric scooter riders in the city who were riding at 50 kilometres an hour.

Controls and inspections are taking place all over Palma and anyone caught with a Personal Mobility Vehicles, or VMP that’s been tampered with, will be fined and their electric scooter will be confiscated.

Scooter and VMP riders are obliged to comply with the same traffic regulations as cars and motorbikes in the Balearic Islands and they are banned from riding on pavements, inter-urban roads, crossings, highways an urban tunnels.

The minimum speed limit for electric scooters is 6 kilometres an hour and the maximum speed is 25 kilometres per hour. A circulation certificate is required for all VMPs to prove that they meet the technical requirements included in the characteristics manual.

Failure to comply with any of these regulations can result in a fine of up to 200 euros.


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Alan / Hace 6 months

They're all over the place, not just Palma by the way, without licences, helmets, brakes, horns, ITV or insurance. It's about bloody time the police cracked down on them everywhere instead of just watching them go by, there's no law without enforcement......



That crackdown is necessary because many scooter drivers don't follow the rules and it's dangerous for the rest.