Healthcare Professionals treating an ICU patient.

Healthcare Professionals treating an ICU patient.

06-08-2021Teresa Ayuga

75% of the Covid-19 patients admitted to the ICU in the Balearic Islands haven't been vaccinated and 85% haven't had both jabs, according to IB-Salut.

By age group, 64% of ICU patients are 50-70-years-old; 20% are 30-50-years-old and one man is in his 20s.

IB-Salut Deputy Director of Hospital Care, Paco Albertí, says the fact that 85% of patients admitted to the ICU have not been fully vaccinated proves how important it is to be immunised.

“Vaccination against Covid-19 has generated a significant change in the pandemic situation. Vaccines reduce the number of serious cases of disease and death and we still have too many people in hospitals that haven’t been vaccinated,” said Public Health and Preventive Medicine Specialist, Joan Carles March. “We need to increase vaccinations and work harder to immunise those who haven’t had their jabs. It’s likely that a third dose of the vaccine will be necessary and we'll have more idea who will need it once the studies have been completed."

Albertí also pointed out that there are other pathologies that aggravate Covid-19.

"Obesity has been confirmed as a risk factor, more so than hypertension or diabetes,” he said.


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Zoe / Hace 6 months

Fifth of England hospital admissions aged 18-34 are not vaccinated, and yes there are young people dying because of it . Those very young eat all kind rubbish from hot dogs to hamburgers and chicken nuggets and do not know what they are putting in their bodies, yet they do not want vaccine and their reasons :" I do not know what is in it!", or "I do not want harmful stuff in my body" .