Graffiti in Palma.

Graffiti in Palma.


Emaya has slashed the cost of cleaning graffiti off of the facades and private buildings that face the street.

The service was launched in 2020 to get rid of ugly graffiti in the Balearic capital at a cost of 10 euros per m2 and 144 applications were received in the first year.

Now the price has been dropped to 2 euros per m2 and Emaya President, Ramon Perpinyà, confirmed on Thursday that the reduced rate will be in force for at least two more years.

“Cort doesn’t have a list of how many private homes in Palma have been daubed with graffiti, but there are a lot," he said. The price of two euros per m2 is purely symbolic, but it justifies removing the graffiti.”


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Colin Allcars / Hace 5 months

This is brilliant! It’s time to wipe out and paint over the visual pollution of the environment that results from this destructive and anti-social disease.

The authorities need to do MUCH more to support and enforce the removal of graffiti and prosecute the criminals responsible.

Any and all graffiti must be removed as soon as it appears. It is a worthwhile and constructive use of public finances that benefits the mental health and sense of well-being of all decent citizens.