Vaccination lines in Palma.

Vaccination lines in Palma.

06-08-2021Marcelo Sastre

Until now it was thought that having 70% of the population vaccinated would achieve herd immunity, but because the delta variant is more contagious and more virulent, experts have now revised that figure to 85-90%.

“Our health system is robust and the population trusts in vaccination, so immunisation will continue at a good pace,” said Joan Carles March, Public Health & Preventive Medicine Specialist.

“More than 70% of the population will be vaccinated by the end of August, but to achieve herd immunity it will be necessary to recalculate those numbers” added Dr Javier Arranz, spokesman for the Autonomous Committee for the Management of Infectious Diseases in the Balearic Islands. “That, added to the number of people infected with the delta variant, will allow us to reach autumn in an inter-pandemic period, marked by more, but less intense waves, if no new Covid variants emerge.”

“If vaccination progresses at an average of 750,000 people a week nationwide and the restrictions are maintained, we could stop the spread of coronavirus variants and avoid new ones,” said Joan Carles March.

Under 12's

Experts admit that it will be difficult to vaccinate 85-90% of the population without including those under 12 years of age.

"It will not be possible to vaccinate this section of the population until clinical trials are approved,” said Dr Arranz. “We know what the appropriate dose is and are aware of any negative effects.”


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Cat / Hace 5 months

This is not science. This is us giving them an inch and them taking a mile. The shots we have taken to protect the vulnerable do NOT prevent infection, transmission or immunity, regardless of how many people take them. There are no long term safety studies for children and fertility. This has gone far enough. It is unethical to experiment on the young to shield the old.