Cala Deya boathouses, Mallorca. | T. Vibot

Deya Town Council has finally been given the green light to recover the old Cala Deya boathouses.

The project has been on the back burner since 2013 and Costas approval finally came through in June.

The traditional dry docks erode over time and Mayor Lluís Apesqueguia is desperate to conserve the 5 old buildings before it's too late and construct a walkway to link them.

"We understand that there will be no problem in carrying out the project because it will be a minor intervention, but Costas’ permission to recover this heritage comes insultingly late,” said Mayor Apesteguia.

Deya Town Council has also been asked to supply a list of any other old boathouses in the Municipality as a preliminary phase to declaring them Assets of Cultural Interest.

Some boathouses have already disappeared and others are in a very poor state of conservation.

"The Municipalities of Artà and Deya are putting pressure on the authorities to have these emblematic dry docks protected,” added Mayor Apesteguia.

The Council will also have to negotiate with the concession holders of some of the properties before the project gets underway.