Tourists behaving badly in Punta Ballena as seen in this video where the latest craze is to climb on a moving vehicle.

09-08-2021Youtube Última Hora

There are is a new craze in Magalluf....jumping on the roof of moving vehicles As you can see in our video, it is highly dangerous.

In this case a youth jumps on the roof of a taxi in Calle Punta Ballena in a weekend where numerous incidents took place and poice had to take action.

Taxi drivers are calling on the police to take action.


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Nothing new / Hace 5 months

This is not new. I worked in Magalluf over 35 years ago and they jumped on my car then. However I must say in those days the Guardia Civil did an excellent job. "Off the street or in the van - night behind bars" This should come in force again with an extra "Next day flight home at their expense"


El / Hace 5 months

Nothing new about this it's being going for at least 20years. Every night I used to drive up The Punta Ballena. I had a van and frequently people would jump on the back bumper until it fell off. Or stand in front of the van and not move..They eventually stopped traffic going up it..Every year "they" say they are going to be more strict clean up the area.............. Nearly every country has a Punta Ballena !!!


Mr B / Hace 5 months

The answer to this problem is to raze the problem areas of Magalluf to the ground and replace all of it with decent tourist accommodation, restaurants etc. Relocate the trouble causing shops, clubs and bars up to where the casino was. Build a secure fence to protect them from themselves and unfortunate innocent tourists etc and do not allow any cars apart from taxis and drop off points. Make the clubs and bars pay for security. Meanwhile, Magalluf prospers from proper superior tourism and people who know how to behave and respect others.


John Oliver / Hace 5 months

This is not 'a craze', this is absolute thuggery. Yobs like this should be locked up in Palma prison for 6 months at their own expense or, better still, thrown in a cesspit where they belong. I'm afraid it's time that Mallorca invested in a water cannon or 2 to deal with the disorder in Magalluf and Playa de Palma.


Daz / Hace 5 months

I never go up there now. I first went to Maga in the 80s and we never behaved like that. I am a taxi driver in the UK and had my vehicle damaged a few times its annoying trying to make a living then having to spend it on repairs, these idiots wouldn't want that done to their car.