Adam Sandler filming in Palma. | Adrián Malagamba

Adam Sandler and the ‘Hustle’ film crew were working nightshift at a block of flats in Nou Llevant on Friday night.

Thousands of extras have been hired to take part in the Netflix film, which began shooting at Son Moix a few days ago, with a bunch of Spanish basketball stars, including Juancho Hernangómez and Álex Abrines.

Neighbours and fans watched from security fences as preparations got underway and as soon as Sandler arrived on set he went over to talk to them and reportedly even practised some Spanish.

Clothes were hung out in the inner courtyard of the apartment building in Carrer de Caracas to make it look like a poor neighbourhood and as night fell the actors took their places.

When the Director shouted “Action” fans hit record on their mobile 'phones to capture the moment a Hollywood star came to their neighbourhood.