A plan has been pending since 2012 for the bay of Pollensa and for the bay of Alcudia. | J. Furones

Environmentalists GOB have called on the Balearic environment ministry to immediately start the process of establishing lines of action for a management plan for the bays of Alcudia and Pollensa.

GOB say that this should facilitate interaction between all entities who want to solve the environmental problems that affect the two bays.

Where the bay of Pollensa is concerned specifically, the organisation observes that it suffers from a diverse and complex environmental problem. This is caused by discharges of barely treated wastewater or by wastewater that has received no treatment. In addition, illegal anchoring affects posidonia meadows, while certain leisure activities have their impact.

Since 2006, the two bays have been classified as places of importance to the regional community (LIC). This is in respect of the conservation of natural habitats and flora and fauna. However, a management plan for the bays has been pending approval since 2012. This delay, according to GOB, is indicative of a general lack of planning for environmentally protected areas.

They argue that the management plan of the Natura 2000 network of protected coastal places in the Balearics would be the most appropriate framework, as it would help in bringing together the various authorities which currently have differing responsibilities - the Costas Authority, the government's environment ministry and the two town halls.