The Balearics prepared to welcome Afghan refugees

Solidarity needed in face of the cry for help.

17-08-2021Italian Defence Ministry

Podemos, one of the three governing parties at Palma town hall, are calling on their partners (PSOE, Més) to declare Palma a host city for Afghan refugees.

The party says that many people are fleeing a country where there is special danger for women and girls. Podemos want Palma to be able to give political refuge to those who flee. Human rights activists who are threatened with death by the Taliban need to be helped.

"As a city of solidarity, we cannot fail the people of Afghanistan in their cry for help. The international community must do everything to establish as soon as possible a safe humanitarian corridor for all those who want to leave the country."

Spain, Podemos stress, must act swiftly in repatriating citizens, given events that are worsening rapidly. For Podemos, the current situation in Afghanistan is one more example of "the failed policies carried out by NATO in the area for years". The party is calling for a change in international politics to protect lives and rights. "It is necessary to fight against barbarism and take human rights into account first and foremost."

Podemos highlight the speed with which the Balearic government has offered to welcome women and girls from Afghanistan. The party hopes that all institutions on the islands will act with solidarity and offer to receive refugees "in these difficult times".


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Majorca fan / Hace 5 months

Remember the children many no more than babies were killed and maimed in Manchester by a refugee fleeing Muslim barbarism. Very few Muslims assimilate successfully.


Colin Allcars / Hace 5 months

You don’t fight a barbaric ideology by importing people who, regardless of who they are, follow that ideology to the letter.

Islam’s extremists must be rubbing their hands with glee at the stupidity of western democracies.


Steve / Hace 5 months

As long as they put them up in their own homes and pay for their food and maintenance..............for ever.


nigel / Hace 5 months

If the women and girls want to come and live in a western country, let them come providing they know what is expected, to speak the language of the country they settle and abide by the laws of those countries. No one can have a problem with that, surely?


Colin Allcars / Hace 5 months

There are many very wealthy so-called ‘moderate’ Islamic countries in the middle east that are far closer to Afghanistan. Why are they not taking in their Muslim ‘brothers and sisters’, as they like to refer to them whenever it suits their purposes, rather than leaving it to non-Muslim countries to once again offer the charity, mercy and humanitarian aid that Islam seems incapable of providing?