Tailback of cars in Es Trenc, Mallorca

A typical tailback in Es Trenc.

19-08-2021Pedro Aguiló Mora

Traffic and parking chaos has returned to Es Trenc. It never really went away but had been lessened because of the slump in tourism. Now, every day is much the same for vehicles in what is a nature park, with all the protection this implies.

Along the narrow road that connects Colonia Sant Jordi with the car park, lines of cars wait an eternity. In the end, many drivers give up and park cars on the side of the road, which leads to additional chaos and also poses a risk to the flora in this protected area.

It can take at least 45 minutes to travel the two kilometres to the car park.

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JohnG / Hace 5 months

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Marvin the Martian / Hace 5 months

You can walk it in 20 mins! There is an obsession here with the belief that you have the inalienable right to drive your car to exactly where you want it to be. If not then park up as close as possible and stuff everyone else. With so many thinking the same way almost all beach parking anywhere on the island is super stressful and not worth the aggro. The simple fact is there are too many cars on the island and woefully inadequate parking, in towns and at beaches. The only places that have enough parking are the big out of town supermarkets and shopping centres!