"Llampuga" (dorado) catch in Mallorca

Eight boats in Cala Ratjada are dedicated to the catch.

24-08-2021Amalia Estabén

Wednesday marks the start of the "llampuga" season. The dorado, or common dolphinfish, is that abundant and popular in Mallorca that there is a gastronomy event dedicated to it - the Llampuga Fair in Cala Ratjada in October.

In Cala Ratjada, there are eight traditional fishing boats for the llampuga catch. Alcudia has seven. These are the two main ports for the catch, followed by Andratx and Soller, both with four.

Antoni Garau, secretary of the Balearic Federation of Fishermen Brotherhoods, says that prospects for the season are good. Up to 115 tonnes of llampuga are expected to be caught between now and the end of the season (December 31).

The fish is popular in Mallorca, Garau adds, because it isn't pricey and almost all of the fish can be used. He explains that there was a decline in demand for llampuga some twenty or so years ago and that the Cala Ratjada event definitely helped to boost demand. Chefs have also gone back to this seasonal fish in preparing traditional as well as "avant-garde" dishes.

Mallorca, Sicily, Malta and Tunisia are more or less the only places in the Mediterranean where llampuga is of importance. In Minorca and Ibiza it isn't caught or eaten, as there is no tradition.


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