Spain's finance minister, Maria Jesús Montero, with President Armengol. | Efe


The Balearics will receive 209 million euros less via the regional financing system in 2022, and opposition parties have been swift in voicing their criticisms.

Toni Costa, spokesperson for the Partido Popular, says that this is "bad news" and that the "hole" in next year's budget will be that much larger - 700 million euros.

"The government will have serious difficulties putting the budget together next year. It is time for them to speak clearly and explain how they intend balancing the accounts. We warned a year ago that this would happen, but the government told us that everything would be fine. Time has proved that we were right."

Patricia Guasp of Ciudadanos says that "Pedro Sánchez continues to turn his back on the Balearic Islands". She warns that the fall in government income will either mean a tax increase or a cut in services.

"We have been demanding a comprehensive audit ... in order to be able to prioritise public spending. We want a fair, transparent and equitable financing system that gets the Balearic Islands out of the bad position in which the deficient policies of the PP and PSOE have left us."

Government spokesperson, Iago Negueruela, has denied that the government will be making cuts in next year's budget. That was the policy of the PP, and so the PP's "credibility in this matter is more than questionable".

Negueruela adds that it will be necessary to wait for the "final statement". Not all of the financial elements for the Balearics are known yet. "We have always demanded the maximum from Madrid and this year we have received above average." The government will continue working so that the maximum resources arrive.