At 11.44pm last Tuesday, a private alarm centre received live images of the presence of a man inside a well-known Latin bar in Palma.

The security guards reported the incident to 091. National police officers quickly went to the establishment. Once there, the police officers noticed the presence of a man inside the bar.

The officers that the door and window of the premises were not forced and that the lockes were bolted tightly. At that point, the owner of the premises appeared and the police entered the bar. Once inside, the man raised his hands saying that he had done nothing wrong.

According to his account of events, the man said that he was a regular customer of the establishment and that he had been drinking all evening. He was so drunk that he went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet, where he fell asleep. The bar closed its doors and when he woke up and tried to leave the toilets he found that he was alone. When he tried to leave the premises, he realised that he had been locked in and the alarm kept ringing.

The owner of the establishment confirmed that he was a regular customer and that, after an initial inspection of the entire premises, nothing had been forced or stolen. In the end, the police identified the suspect, a 29-year-old South American, and let him go home to sleep it off.


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Ailia / Hace 5 months

This MUST be an old article. There is NO curfew, and bars only need to close at 1am and not before 11.44pm.


Francois / Hace 5 months

So, you close your establishment without checking the toilets? Suppose cleaning is done the next day, when everything has had a change to dry up and 'mature', filling the bar with nice nightlifeodors...


Colin Allcars / Hace 5 months

For a second there I thought it might be Armengol. 😬


George / Hace 5 months

Stop using the word curfew… we DONT have a curfew.

There is no state set bedtime now.

We just can’t mix with other families after 1 am but there is NO curfew.