Ibiza, Mallorca, Minorca or Formentera; the message about the tourism model is the same. | Daniel Espinosa

Speaking on IB3 radio on Thursday morning, Balearic tourism minister Iago Negueruela said that there needs to be an improvement to the islands' tourism model so that it depends less on "the arrival of millions of tourists".

Noting that tourism needs to generate a similar level of income but with fewer tourists, he drew attention to other sectors of the economy that benefit from tourism - industry, nautical repair and furniture. Advantage needs to be taken of these "synergies", he stated.

Regarding the current season, Negueruela stressed that air connectivity is "guaranteed" in allowing the season to be extended. This will be essential in ensuring that workers have sufficient contributions in order to get benefit.

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He highlighted the good tourism figures for July and called on the opposition Partido Popular to admit that they were wrong when they said there would be no season.