Anti-vaccination poster.

Anti-vaccination poster.

30-08-2021Ultima Hora

Several groups, including Baleares Acción, Liberum, Artistas and Técnicos por la Libertad, are organising a demonstration on Saturday, September 4 in Palma.

The protestors are demanding that the vaccination of minors be stopped immediately.

The demonstrators will gather in the Parc de la Mar playground at 1900 and march to Avenida Antoni Maura. The Government Delegation has already been informed.


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Rich / Hace 5 months

Reading comments sections in uk newspapers and here it appears that vaxxers would be quite happy to drag people off the street to force them to be vaccinated. The Vaccine is essentially in a state of constant flux as boosters etc are now needed, did they know this when roll out first began? It seems there are a lot of emerging data showing that not all is known. Society is polarized, economies are suffering, minorities are being made scapegoats......sound familiar...look back 80yrs or so.


Mats / Hace 5 months

Say yes to... Tattoo ( ink in your vains) Cheep fried food Deep fried croquetas Vegan pre fabrica food from a unknown factory Redbull Monster drink Ect... ... An no to vaccin that helps?

There are some very bright people out there.


Paco / Hace 5 months

With idiots protesting about having a tried and tested vaccination I’m glad we are staying in the UK this year. These pathetic anivax people don’t realise the consequences of their actions and other people risking their own lives to save them. Make it plain and simple no vax no help your decision.


Jeff / Hace 5 months

We don’t want to vaccinate our children, but we want to gather all together and spread COVID instead. Yawn, this is just a day out for some people.. no one literally cares about these protests


Leo / Hace 5 months

The hospitals have suffered through these deniers / conspiracy theorists. If they want to be seriously ill struggling to breath that is their right or is it ? spreaders of more contagion is not right. Make sure you mask up. lol.


Toni / Hace 5 months

Wow, thank you!


Roger / Hace 5 months

Sad that some people don't have more useful things to do with their spare time!!


Peter P / Hace 5 months



truthoveropinion / Hace 5 months

Its time to stand up for what right people.

Make sure that in years to come, you can look your children in the eye and say 'I fought for your future'.

Do not let the few vocal trolls in these comment sections fool you, we are the many, they are the few.

Deep down inside, you know this whole thing isn't right, something inside of you is rattling the cage to get out, thats your spirit.


Be lucky people, see you there.