Palma Court. | A. Sepúlveda

A hotel chain subcontractor has been fined 7,200 euros for failing to comply with the minimum number of days off per week that workers are entitled to during the high season.

During a review of the company, the Labor Inspectorate found that at least 7 employees on the night shift had barely had a day off between March and October. Over periods of more than two weeks, some employees either had no time off at all or only had one day off. The legal minimum is 3 days off every fortnight.

Other infractions included: not paying for overtime; exceeding the maximum hours that can be worked each year and not paying or compensating for holidays worked.

The company’s appeal against the sanction was rejected by the judge who ruled that “if the company had adhered to the rules covering the minimum days off per week it would have been easy to prove it."