Test rate only just above three per cent. | Marcelo Sastre

Sunday's report from the health ministry shows 95 new positive cases of coronavirus, eighteen fewer than on Saturday. By island the cases are Mallorca 84, Ibiza nine, Minorca two, Formentera zero. On Saturday the cases were Mallorca 91, Ibiza 16, Minorca four, Formentera two.

The positivity test rate is 3.11%; it was 3.20% from 113 cases on Saturday. The rate has now been below four per cent for seven consecutive days.

On the hospital wards there are 95 Covid patients in Mallorca (this is an increase of five), 28 in Ibiza (an increase of one) and three in Minorca (no change). In intensive care there are 51 Covid patients in Mallorca (down one), six in Ibiza (no change) and one in Minorca (down one). The ICU Covid occupancy rate is 17.01%; it was 17.6% on Saturday.

Primary care in the Balearics is monitoring 3,805 people, a further decrease of 197; in Mallorca 2,824, down 140.

Since the start of the pandemic there have been 96,756 cases in the Balearics and 928 deaths.

With at least one dose, the vaccination programme has reached 80.10% of the target population in the Balearics - 828,977 people; 653,121 in Mallorca. With the complete course there are 794,632 people (76.79%); 624,826 in Mallorca.

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* Incidence rate reports are not updated at the weekend.