The number of people at terrace tables was one of the Covid measures for which information had to be given. | Archive

The Balearic government's InfoCovid programme has come to an end. For this programme, 272 people (all jobseekers) were taken on as information personnel. They were employed to let people know about Covid measures in force. This was done on the streets, in squares, in parks and in other public spaces, which on occasion included mass screenings and vaccination. The hiring started in December.

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The social affairs ministry was in charge of the programme. Other ministries - education, presidency (including the emergencies directorate) and tourism - also participated. The budget was 2.9 million euros, and the ministry reports there having been 288,505 "interventions" by the 272 workers. Markets, places of worship, resort promenades; these were some of the places where they were deployed. They also worked with associations - neighbourhood and business as well as for the elderly and migrants.

Of all the interventions, 53,428 were directed at businesses. In 16,244 instances, there was an "incident" - someone initially refused to comply with measures. Only 264 were notified to the 112 emergency service number because of repeated refusal to comply. Breaches of smoking regulations, social distancing, limits on the number of people who could gather, disinfection protocol - these were the main causes of these incidents.