Bellver Castle & forest, Palma. archive photo. | Ultima Hora

A new children's playground is being built in Bellver forest and it should be ready by the end of this year, according to Infrastructure Councillor, Angélica Pastor.

The Parks & Gardens budget has been increased by 1,250,000 euros and some of that money will be used to pay for the Bellver forest project and improvements at other parks in Palma.

The new 3,052 m2 playground, beside the Carrer del Polvorí gate, will have more than 20 games on two levels. One level will be for younger children and have a zip line and the other level will be for older children and have a climbing area and a slope with slides. New bathrooms and a snack area are also being installed.

Dead trees

More than 650 trees in Bellver forest have been destroyed by the 'tomicus plague’ and most of them are pines. The dead trees will be cut down and crushed to make way for new ones.

“This formula avoids extracting nutrients from the forest and improves fertility and water retention capacity,” said Councillor Pastor. “Before the planting campaign begins, technicians will decide whether to plant more pine trees, or replace the dead ones with holm oaks.”

Councillor Pastor also said the interior roads and paths in the forest are being rearranged, new signs installed and a Tree Table is being organised to keep people informed about the project.

"Neighbourhood Associations, Professional Associations, Opposition Parties and Groups linked to green issues in our city will be invited to participate in the Tree Table,” she said. “The objective of this legislature, is to plant 10,000 trees and improve the green mass of the city."