Eugenia Carandell, vaccination programme coordinator. | Archive

The coordinator of the vaccination programme in the Balearics, Eugenia Carandell, said on Thursday that a third dose of vaccine will be given to some 3,000 people. Third jabs, for now at least, will be for people with immunosuppressed conditions, and the vaccination will begin on September 15. The InfoVacuna service will be phoning them to make appointments.

The agreement reached at the Inter-Territorial Council for the National Health System, Carandell explained, is that the third dose will be given "to some very specific people" - patients who have undergone a transplant and those taking specific medications for ailments such as lymphoma and leukaemia and for inflammatory diseases.

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Carandell added that there are plenty of vaccines available. "We have some 300,000 doses of vaccines in the fridge, which we would like to go into the arms of people who have not yet been vaccinated."