Solar panels in Palma. | Daniel Espinosa

The Balearic Government has announced that it will take out subsidies totalling more than 41 million euros, to promote renewable energy in the Islands.

Government Vice President, Juan Pedro Yllanes; Energy General Director, Pep Malagrava and Consell de Mallorca President, Catalina Cladera, held the first of a series of meetings with Councils, Town Councils, Employers, Unions and Business owners in Inca on Friday to outline the aid package.

“To combat climate change and reach the best possible scenario, we need everyone's involvement, from administrations to individuals, SMEs and companies from all economic and productive sectors,” said Yllanes.

In the second half of September 5.6 million euros will be used to promote self-consumption and storage for companies, 4.8 million for self-consumption for individuals and public administrations and 2.3 million for investments in renewable thermal systems for the residential sector.

Energy saving and efficiency efforts are focused on reducing the consumption of individuals, companies, administrations and the industrial and agricultural sectors.

The third line of action is the promotion of electric mobility with the implementation of public access recharging points and the replacement of combustion vehicles with electric ones.

The vast majority of resources to subsidise the promotion of renewable energy will come from the Central Government's Recovery, Transformation & Resilience Plan, which includes investments until 2026 and the possibility of extending credit if resources are exhausted.

Some of the lines of aid that were presented on Friday, such as the MOVESIII electric mobility support programme, are already underway.