Information systems for buses being upgraded. | Teresa Ayuga

The manager of Palma's EMT bus service, Mateo Marcus, says that recharging the Palma citizens card via the internet will be possible from next summer.

Information systems on buses are gradually being installed and updated in order to allow recharging on phones and credit card payments by phone. This method, which has been operating in various cities for some time now, is particularly necessary because of the limited number of recharging points. There are in fact 194 in all across the city, but EMT users don't necessarily know where they are or if they are convenient. There were more, but kiosks and other outlets stopped providing the service because commissions from the town hall were so low.

Marcus explains that a pilot scheme was started in July for government intermodal cards to be used on EMT buses on routes serving hospitals. The intermodal card will be extended to all EMT routes by November. Towards the end of the year, a start will be made on installing new information systems in old buses - around one hundred of them. New buses that have been incorporated into the fleet have the necessary systems and software, but a total rollout will wait in order to ensure that the software operates for the whole fleet - and that will be next summer.