There is a growing number of accidents involving electric scooters. | MDB


Palma police have expressed their concern at the number of accidents involving electric scooters. They say that they can be dangerous because they have small tyres and that control can be easily lost, e.g. because of a pothole.

On Friday, a scooter rider was seriously injured when he collided with a car. Around midnight on Saturday, a 35-year-old scooter rider was also seriously injured. He collided with an electric bike on the Paseo Marítimo cycle lane. The rider of the bike suffered light injuries, while the scooter rider had facial fractures that required surgery.

A Palma police traffic control had been set up near to where the accident occurred. Officers were quickly on the scene to assist the injured before emergency medics arrived. At present, it isn't clear who was at fault.

Earlier last week, another scooter rider had an accident on the Paseo Marítimo, fell headlong and suffered facial injuries.