Passengers arriving at Palma Airport. | P. Pellicer

More than 2.6 million passengers passed through Palma Airport in August, which is 113.8% more than 2020 and 38% less than in 2019, according AENA.

At airports in the AENA network there was a 38.9% decrease in passengers compared to 2019, which is very similar to Mallorca. Son Sant Joan was the third busiest airport in Spain in August, behind Madrid and Barcelona. Ibiza airport ranked 5th and Minorca 9th.

Mallorca recovered 60% of airline passengers in August compared to 2019; Ibiza scraped back 74% and Minorca recovered 83.7%.

22,243 planes took off or landed at Son Sant Joan Airport, which is 49.4% more than 2020 and 19.3% less than 2019.

8,359,991 passengers passed through Palma Airport in the first 8 months of this year, which is 60.3% less than the same period in 2019. Three out of ten tourists came to Mallorca in August.

Airport Expansion

The Environmental Group, GOB is demanding that the Government, Palma City Council and the Court take a stand against AENA's plans to expand Son Sant Joan Airport.

"Various actions are planned at Palma airport to increase its operational and passenger capacity,” states the Airport Regulation Document 2022-26 (DORA II).

The GOB claims AENA has accused AENA of “planning a 312 million euro covert expansion at Palma Airport.”