Grants are available for solar installations. | Gemma Andreu

Over the past three months, there has been an average of nine energy self-consumption installations per day in the Balearics. The government's directorate for energy and climate change reports that the total has risen from 2,748 three months ago to 3,608. The figure indicates the acceleration of self-consumption - at the end of 2020 there were some 2,400. The increase has therefore been by 50%.

The installed power for self-consumption - photovoltaic panels for homes, public buildings and companies - has reached 35,390 kilowatts, 14.1% more than three months ago. In larger municipalities - Calvia and Inca as well as Palma - over half the installations are for companies. In smaller municipalities they are for homes.

The Balearic government offers grants on an annual basis to promote the installation of panels. The total amount of subsidy has been rising, and this coming Monday there will be a new application process - 12.8 million euros for companies, individuals and public authorities. For Spain as a whole, there is a budget of 660 million euros.