The temporary terrace at Bar Vicens will have to be removed. | Pilar Pellicer

There has been a mixed reaction to Palma town hall's confirmation that temporary terraces on parking spaces must be removed by the end of the month. Alfonso Robledo of the CAEB restaurants association says that there needs to be return to normality, while Eugenia Cusi of the Pimem restaurants association is opposed to the elimination of the terraces.

Robledo says that it is fair but that interior capacity restrictions must be relaxed. Although he wants a return to normality, he fears that some businesses won't be able to survive this. Cusi insists that the emphasis must be on recovering one hundred per cent capacity.

Residents associations are relieved. Maribel Alcázar, president of the federation of residents associations says that bars and restaurants have enjoyed a compensation that other sectors have not. "Parking is a rare commodity and there is nowhere to park. On the 30th, everything will return to normal. Or the terraces at least."

In Santa Catalina, the residents association looks forward to a return to normality. Occupation of the public way has been excessive and uncontrolled.

For bar proprietors, there is a recognition that the benefit of the temporary terraces had to end at some point. One, Marcos Calero of La Consentida, says that he can accommodate sixty people on his parking spaces terrace and that he spent 2,000 euros on the terrace. While he can understand residents getting angry at the lack of parking, he adds that they should understand the hospitality industry. "I don't know, I thought they could have left it like it was until December."