Miquel Ensenyat, spokesperson for Més in the Balearic parliament

Miquel Ensenyat, speaking in parliament on Wednesday.


The spokesperson for Més, Miquel Ensenyat, has urged President Armengol to "stand up to the saturation" of tourism with "unapologetic" measures.

Speaking during parliament's general policy debate on Wednesday, Ensenyat considered a "containment" of tourism within the framework of policies to change the islands' economic model. He argued for a regulation of all-inclusive in order to end "tourism of excesses", a review of the ceiling placed on the number of tourist accommodation places and a limitation on cruises.

In order to change the model, he stressed, there has to be an expansion of self-government. There is room for adopting new powers, he noted, without reforming the statute of autonomy for regional government.

However, self-government "is an illusion" without fair financing. He therefore demanded that Armengol work to achieve a new model for the distribution of funds to the regions.


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Rich / Hace 4 months

The closest any spanish elected government will get to a economic model will be one manufactured by legal. I guess they see medium term structural unemployment as a price worth paying. Just remember these arrogant hedonist got paid throughout the lockdown and other restrictions. Or perhaps they think Germany and the other northern eu countries will give them a few quid? Spain is basically incase of running its own finances, the eu should intervene and put an administrator in place. At present spain is like a superyacht, costs millions to run and is under the control of a captain who constantly steers toward the rocks.