Local Police in s'Arenal, Mallorca. archive photo. | I. Ramirez

A Nigerian man is on trial for allegedly trying to kill a doorman at a bar in s’Arenal with an axe.

The assault allegedly happened at 07:30 on October 3, 2017 after the suspect had been fired from the bar.

The defendant left the pub, but, reportedly returned a short time later, wielding a large axe and shouting, "I'm killing you right now, who are you to throw me out of the pub? You don't know me, I'm going to kill you.”

The suspect then told Local Police that the doorman beaten him up, but when the Officers went to the pub the victim explained what had actually happened.

The defendant was charged with alleged attempted murder and is banned from coming within 500 metres of the victim or communicating with him for 5 years. Prosecutors are demanding that he be jailed for 8 years.

The victim suffered contusions and cuts to his hand when he tried to stop the attack.