Gym membership in Mallorca. | Julián Aguirre

Gyms in Mallorca are gradually been getting back to normal now that the Covid restrictions have been relaxed, but it’s a slow process with only 20%-30% of subscribers compared to 2019.

There has been a marked improvement in children's activities, such as dancing and swimming and figures could reach pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year, according to the Association of Entrepreneurs of Sports Facilities President, Naty Company.

Gyms are also seeing an increase in the number of new members.

"The return to sport is due to several factors. A lot of people realise that they've been leading a sedentary lifestyle during the pandemic and others who have physical, health or psychological problems have been advised to do sports,” say Javier Lerma and Laura Ruiz, Anytime Fitness owners.


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In 2020, the health crisis had a massive impact on enclosed spaces including gyms, as members were laid off from their jobs.

“Now we are seeing many members re-joining," says Lerma, who’s noticed that there is a strong desire to get fit again.

There’s also been an increase in requests for advice in gyms, which Naty Company says is mainly due to people taking a greater interest in looking after their physical and mental health.

Anytime Fitness says 33% of its members are new subscribers; 33% are members who have reactivated their subscriptions and the rest are people who’ve joined a gym for the first time.

Sports centres are also celebrating a 10%-20% increase in turnover, but profits are still a long way from the levels of 2019.

“We are fighting to make people feel safe and aware that a stronger, healthier body can fight the virus,” says Lerma.