Holiday rentals have helped Minorca's 2020 and 2021 seasons. | Archive


The Viturme association of holiday rentals in Minorca claims that legalisation of holiday rentals does not mean an increase in accommodation places. It states that this type of accommodation has led to a change in the island's tourism model and regrets "the ease" with which some point to the need for limits to or reduction of holiday rentals.

During the 2020 and 2021 seasons, these properties have given visitors all health guarantees in a safe and independent environment. If this type of accommodation hadn't existed, tourism season results would have been worse still.

Viturme considers it unfair that the sector is "demonised and made out to be the culprit of alleged excesses through an increase in visitors". "The more difficult it is to register properties for tourism use, the more the illegal supply will be created."

The Council of Minorca is therefore being urged to adapt regulations governing holiday rentals in order to both ensure the legality of activity and to facilitate inspection when breaches occur.

Amongst changes that the association wants to see is the elimination of the five-year rule - properties have to be at least five years old. This would allow an expansion of "the number of homes for tourist use per owner".

Viturme insists that this wouldn't lead to an increase in the number of places but would instead add to the legal framework for this type of accommodation.