A man was wandering in the middle of the road. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

A Palma police officer needed medical treatment after being bitten on an arm and on a leg by a man who had been arrested and who himself was undergoing a medical examination.

Around 11.30pm on Monday, officers were informed that a man was wandering in the middle of the road in central Palma. When the 43-year-old was found, he was still in the road, by now between Sant Miquel and Gran i General Consell.

When the officers tried to get him off the road, he became aggressive. He tried to attack the officers and pulled out some kitchen scissors, which fell to the ground. At that moment, he was arrested.

In accordance with his rights, he was taken to a medical centre for an examination. He continued to act in an aggressive manner and bit one of the officers.