Conill bach | Andrew Ede

The town hall has thoughtfully come to an arrangement with the owner of land behind the Renault place in Pollensa and established a link between the Can Conill car park on Cecili Metel and the much bigger and non-asphalted Can Bach.

The earthen track that has been created will allow drivers to go to Can Bach when Can Conill is full (which is usually the case) without having to get back on to the main road (Cecili Metel).

At some point, says the town hall, the land will be acquired so that the link between Can Conill and Can Bach can be maintained. Fine, but isn’t Can Conill meant to be given over to the new health centre in the not too distant future? I suppose it will eventually become a walkway, as there won’t be any cars going to and fro. Surfacing this link wouldn’t go amiss then, as by the looks of it, it’s going to get awfully muddy when it rains.

Meanwhile, there won’t be a great deal of vehicle movement between the two sites for a few days, as Can Conill is the venue for the wine fair, which is next weekend.