José Hila of PSOE in 2019. | Jaume Morey / Laura Becerra

A survey by the Balearic Institute of Social Studies points to a possible shift from left to right at the next municipal election in Palma, which will be in May 2023.

There are 29 council seats in Palma, and the poll gives the Partido Popular and Vox a combined 15 seats and so therefore a majority. Were the election to be held now, according to the poll, the PP would win nine seats (an increase of three from the 2019 election) and Vox six (up two).

The current administration comprises PSOE, Més and Unidas Podemos. The poll predicts a PSOE loss of two seats to seven, a Més gain of one to four and no change for Podemos (three). The combined 14 seats would leave the "pact" with a minority.

In terms of share of the vote, the PP would have 25.9%, PSOE 22.7%, Vox 18.7%, Més 12.5% and Podemos 9.5%.

Ciudadanos, who currently have four seats, would be left with none.

In answer to the question which party leader would you prefer to be the next mayor of Palma, Fulgencio Coll of Vox receives the highest rating - 12.5%. Jaime Martínez of the PP, a former Balearic tourism minister, has 10.2%, and the current mayor, José Hila of PSOE, receives 9.9%%. Antoni Noguera of Més, who shared mayoral duties with Hila from 2015 to 2019, gets 9.3%, while Alberto Jarabo of Podemos scores 5.7%. However, the overwhelming winner, with 47.4%, is other, none or don't know.