'Bar de copas' in Palma. | Pilar Pellicer

This weekend has seen the easing of some restrictions on nightlife in Mallorca. Cocktail bars can now stay open until 4am and the capacity inside has been increased from 50% to 75%.

In Palma, proprietors have welcomed the new measures, but they say that they are having to deal with issues like controlling interior capacity.

At the Thalassa bar on the Paseo Marítimo, Jesús Moncada says: "We control everything that we can and more. We have people to control access, and the staff are switched on in case anyone starts dancing or doesn't put on a mask to go to the bathroom." But it isn't only cocktail bars which need to be prepared for these sorts of issue - "it happens in any other sector". As to the extension of opening hours, he adds that "anything which increases the hours benefits us; people just want to have some fun, as they miss going out".

Manu de Isasi, manager of the Mira Blau and La Bodeguita del Medio (both on the Paseo Marítimo), explains that they had been operating the same schedule as restaurants - a 2am closing time - while paying higher taxes for a different type of licence. He welcomes the longer hours and the increased capacity, noting that people were going to a restaurant, having dinner and then having an hour or two before closing. "They would think, what do I do? Have another drink at the restaurant or go to a bar where I may not be able to get in because the capacity is limited."

From this coming Friday, the discos - where people will be able to dance, provided that they wear masks - will reopen. Closing time will be 5am and capacity will be 75%. But there are those which won't bother. The tourism season is coming to an end, and it won't be worth their while.

Some normality is returning to the sector that has been hardest hit of all by Covid. When complete normality will be restored, no one can say. But then that goes for everything.