A range of different products. | Promoció Econòmica i Desenvolupament Local @PEiDL_mallorca

The Council of Mallorca is to extend the 'With the Product of Mallorca' promotion until the end of the year. The campaign involves a gift hamper of 22 products valued at 153 euros.

So far, 4,778 vouchers for receiving this hamper have been issued, with a request rate at present of 70% - requests can be made through www.Ajutsmallorca.com. To qualify for a voucher, customers need to spend a minimum of 200 euros in a participating shop.

The initial deadline was October 25; it is now December 31. Customers who have already had a voucher will be able to obtain a second one from Wednesday.

The hamper includes three bottles of wine, one of olive oil and one of olives, a bag of almonds, fresh products such as cheese and sobrassada, as well as a Siurell figurine and a bag made with 'roba de llengües' fabric.

The products represent different DO designations of origin in Mallorca (for oil and wine) and PGI protected geographical indication marks, such as for Mallorcan sobrassada.