Six of the fourteen rescued migrants needed hospital treatment. | Jaume Morey

The Guardia Civil and the Maritime Safety Agency are continuing to search for three people missing from a migrant boat off the Cabrera archipelago on Monday afternoon.

The three were among seventeen on board the small boat. According to information from the Aemet met agency, there were waves of up to three metres in the area on Monday. While it has been reported that the boat capsized, the national government's delegate in the Balearics, Aina Calvo, says that "they saw land and desperately threw themselves into the sea".

Calvo, speaking on local radio on Tuesday, admitted that information remained confused, but she stated that the migrants had been at sea "for many days".

Of the fourteen people rescued on Monday by a combination of helicopter, Maritime Safety Agency boat and a sailboat, the Rainbow, which first spotted people in the sea, six have required hospital treatment. One of the six is in intensive care in Son Espases, suffering from hypothermia. The hospital reports that his life is not in danger but that he will stay in ICU for a few days before being transferred to a ward. All the other thirteen are now the responsibility of the National Police.

The incident provoked a sharp exchange between President Armengol and the leader of Vox, Jorge Campos, in parliament on Tuesday. The president said that "the migrant is not the culprit, he is the victim" and she attacked Campos for his "lies, total demagoguery and words of hate".

Campos blamed the Armengol government and that of Pedro Sánchez for the risks that migrants run and the danger of drowning. "No legal immigrant dies by drowning," the Vox spokesperson said. "Most arrive, yes, but some, unfortunately, die. It is their policies that are responsible (those of the governments), their agreements with those NGOs that work with the Algerian mafias."