Virtual image for one of the projects in the plan - modification of the Parc de la Mar. | Horrach Estarellas, Gabriel

The CAEB restaurants association supports a Palma general urban plan provision for a maximum of three bars or restaurants within a 50-metre radius. The president, Alfonso Robledo, says that the association has raised the issue of control of licences, "because they (the town hall) want to pedestrianise many streets". "The owner of a property prefers a bar, which pays up to 3,000 euros in rent. The city cannot end up full of cafes."

Joan Cerdà, president of the Mallorca division of the Balearic Association of Architects, has expressed his satisfaction at "having a general plan after 23 years". There has been participation in the drafting, and that has been "very good".

The Balearic Builders Association says that the plan sounds good, but that "we will have to see". VPO social housing projects are being given a lot of importance, "which is good for us". Luis Martín of the Proinba developers association wants to see the small print. The notion of a compact and green city is "very good". When declassifying land for building, as envisaged in the plan, "the middle class and the young must be taken into account".

The president of the federation of residents associations, Maribel Alcázar, notes that technical assistance will be given to associations so that they can present submissions - the plan is open to public consultation. In her view, "the foundations of the plan are good".

While the new urban plan has received support from business and residents, the opposition at the town hall are not so sure. Julio Martínez of the Partido Popular says that his party cannot support the plan, "as it generates many doubts with regard to improving access to housing, due to the reduction in available land". Furthermore, there are mobility measures "that could strangle the dynamics of the city." He adds that "we want to be more clear about the cost; if it is acceptable without increasing the tax burden".