The Formentor lighthouse. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

This week’s adventures in Formentor, or should that be misadventures, take us once more to the car parks by the hotel - the car parks which had seemingly been transferred to town hall ownership in June as part of the agreement for the building licence to redevelop the hotel.

The opposition Junts Avançam, for whom the car parks are a cause célèbre (one of several), are outraged at the fact that the hotel, so they claim, has coined in the region of one million euros from operating the car parks. The hotel has been exploiting the car parks “as if they were their own”.

Junts have called on Tomeu Cifre’s administration to demand the money, but the mayor says they are waiting for a legal report to add to opinion of the town hall’s legal services.
There are two car parks, and it would seem that there is an issue regarding the larger of the two (which has brought in three quarters of the revenue) in that there was a licence for its operation. Junts question whether this was revoked when the agreement regarding the redevelopment was reached.

The situation, the mayor concedes, needs to be sorted out and hopefully without resorting to the courts. The hotel owners have, meanwhile, filed an appeal against the transfer of the car parks to the town hall.