Residents said there were "hundreds of young people".

Residents in Muro have denounced the "total chaos" involving hundreds of young people who were in a part of the town for a massive "botellón" street gathering party.

They say that people started arriving around 7pm on Friday and that it didn't come to an end until around 6am on Saturday. There was a lack of police and Guardia Civil "to control the situation", and residents described it as "worse than for Sant Vicenç", a reference to what is typically a large gathering to coincide with the post-Easter pilgrimage to and picnic at the Sant Vicenç hermitage.

Local people complained that this sort of event is allowed to happen and "nothing is done to stop it". One resident said: "We are still in a pandemic and last night in Muro not a single health measure was respected." Another observed: "What happened was not just a party. There was also vandalism and no police officer came here all night."