Tourist spend above the national average. | Jaume Morey

The most recent figures for tourist spend indicate that for the eight months up to August there was a 7.2% increase in the Balearics. The average spend per tourist during the course of a stay was 1,175 euros, compared with 1,096 euros in 2019.

This figure was also above the national average of 1,126 euros. In 2019, the spend was below the national 1,102 euros.

For the Balearic tourism ministry, these statistics point to an increase in tourism profitability without the need for quantitative growth. Moreover, and unlike during the financial crisis, price has not been a determining factor in attracting tourism. While it is fair to say that there were offers over the summer, the investment of previous years in upgrading hotel quality and categories meant that hoteliers were able to compete on terms other than price.

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In overall terms, foreign tourist spending for the eight months was 4,564 million euros, almost 200% more than in 2020 and 27% of all foreign tourist spending in Spain. Catalonia, with 17%, was the closest to the Balearics.