Covid controls at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport

International travellers will still be subject to controls.


The Balearic health ministry is to end Covid controls of national travellers at ports and airports on the islands. This will take effect from October 31.

The controls were introduced in early December last year, the intention having been to prevent possible new cases of Covid from entering the Balearics from the rest of Spain. The health ministry no longer believes these controls are necessary. Spain's 14-day cumulative incidence per 100,000 is 41 and 78% of the target population has been double vaccinated.

Over the months, these controls have cost the regional health service 8.3 million euros. In total, there have been 822,820 controls in ports and airports, 486,313 of these in Mallorca. Of all these, 308 positive antigen tests have been detected, 179 in Mallorca. These figures show, says the ministry, that since December 2020 and thanks to the controls, "1,540 chains of Covid infections have been closed".

As far as international travellers are concerned, controls will still apply. Decisions on these are made by the Spanish government and not the Balearic government and depend on country of origin.


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James / Hace 3 months

Isn't it funny how all of a sudden all of the covid restrictions are being lifted? But know one is talking about the Spanish health minister being took to the supreme court over whether or not covid-19 even exists as a virus. The truth always comes out. I bet mask mandates will follow shortly. It's all been nonsense.