Taxis at Palma Airport, Mallorca. archive photo. | Miquel Àngel Borràs


Demands for more taxis from Residents’ Associations in Palma have been rejected by the Council who say no more taxi licences will be issued in the Balearic capital, even although residents have complained that taxi ranks outside tourist areas are always empty.

"We cannot increase the number of taxis, because then what do we do with them in winter?” said Palma Mayor, José Hila, who claims that technology is the answer.

"Mobilitat is aware of the need to improve the taxi service, but taxi drivers have to improve their way of working via new technology in order to provide a more efficient service,” he said. “People can order a taxi via a mobile App for whatever time they need to be picked, then they won’t have to go outside to find a taxi, I think that's the future."