PCR samples being tested.

PCR samples being tested.

07-09-2021Leonhard Foeger

Nearly 50,000 new coronavirus cases were confirmed in the UK on Monday and there are fears that it's the start of yet another serious wave. 

The vaccination programme got off to a brilliant start in Britain, but it has plummeted since then and infections have now soared to their highest level in three months.

Experts say vaccinating teenagers and pressing on with the booster jab programme is crucial in order to stem infections.


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James / Hace 3 months

This is because the vaccine immunity starts to deplete around 8/10 months. Any of the 1st countries to start vaccination early like the UK and Israel are seeing this happen its only a matter of time before it happens here. These are not vaccines there a treatment. No Corona virus vaccine works very well. For example the flu vaccine, its about 40% effective at best. Natural immunity is by far the most effective way of protection.