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The president of the AEVAB vehicle rental association in the Balearics, Ramón Reus, expressed his satisfaction on Wednesday with the results of this year's tourism season, during which there has been a 20% average increase in rental prices. "We did not expect it, but we can say that it has gone well and that we are happy."

The association represents 120 companies who, in general terms, have been experiencing activity this October which is 15% higher than the same month in 2019.

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Compared with 2019, Reus noted at a press conference, supply has been limited to an estimated 70,000 units rather than 120,000. The cause, as was explained before the season got under way, has been the microchip shortage and the consequent reduction in car production. Nevertheless, 70,000-75,000 vehicles have been sufficient to meet demand.

The average rent this year has been 70-75 euros per car per day compared to 65 euros in 2019. There have been instances, he noted, of a Fiat Panda, for example, having been rented for as much as 140 euros per day. In general, though, there has been a 20% increase in prices compared to 2019. This has helped to offset the losses of the past year, and the prices will be maintained next season.

Reus was critical of websites that offer cars for "three euros" a day but which turn out to be for 60 euros. This draws complaints from tourists and creates a "bad image" for the Balearics. It is a practice, he insisted, that must be eradicated, although this year it has occurred less due to the reduced number of vehicles. "Everyone has the right to work, but not at any price."