Where social distancing can't be guaranteed, masks should still be worn. | Miquel À. Cañellas

Health minister Patricia Gómez recognised on Thursday that there has been a "small increase" in coronavirus infections this week. Most of these cases, she said, were associated with outbreaks linked to celebrations, though she also pointed to 77 infections at an "educational centre"; these infections hadn't originated there.

The minister pointed out that more tests per 100,000 people are being carried out in the Balearics than in any other region. She noted that hospitalisations have improved, but added that there is still a part of the population which hasn't been vaccinated. "This means that infections and admissions can occur."

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Gómez appealed to members of the public who have not yet been vaccinated to get vaccinated, "and with the complete course". Regarding a possible relaxation of measures in the Balearics, the minister said that "everything depends on the epidemiological situation". She referred to the fact that there are already "very few restrictions" and stressed the importance of wearing masks and of ventilation.

These preventive standards - masks and ventilation - should be complied with "to the maximum", Gómez emphasising that it is necessary to be "very attentive" and to respect these standards.

On the individual islands, she explained that Mallorca and Ibiza are currently in a situation of alert 1 and Minorca and Formentera at 0. The objective of the health ministry is to return to an epidemiological situation of "controlled risk".