The Council of Mallorca is ultimately responsible for roads like the Via Cintura.

The Balearic Transport Federation is calling for there to be a lane on Palma's Via Cintura exclusively for the professional transport of people and goods. The lane should be reserved for buses, coaches, delivery and freight vans and lorries, taxis and rental vehicles with drivers.

The federation points to this being contemplated in the Balearic government's master plan for transport. Therefore, the Council of Mallorca, which has responsibility for the island's roads, should now begin to create this exclusive lane.

The manager of the federation, Salvador Servera, says that there is a budget of 115 million euros for this lane to be developed in two phases from 2021 to 2026.

In his view, the government and the Council should now define when they will begin to apply improvements for professional transport, which have a total budget of 345 million euros under the master plan.