What to do on Mallorca when you are worth 50 billion dollars!! | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Like many other holidaymakers, Jack Ma the Chinese billionaire, arrived on the island on a Boeing jet airliner. But in his case the Boeing 737 is his own private jet...no duty free just super luxury.

The Boeing 737 is his own private jet...

The Alibaba Group founder, like other tourists, went on a cruise around the islands. In his case it wasn’t a glass bottom-boat but the superyacht Zen, a sleek five-deck, vertical-bowed motor yacht, measuring 88 metres (289 ft), which can accommodate up to 16 guests and a crew of 25.

Alibaba Group founder's, Jack Ma, superyacht Zen is anchored by Mallorca Island coast

Apart from sailing and some sight-seeing he spent a large part of his Mallorca holiday playing golf. Yesterday, he left the island on his jet, which is too big to park up at the private jet terminal. There had been some speculation that Ma had “disappeared” after criticising the Chinese authorities. In Mallorca he didn’t miss out on anything and he certainly hasn’t disappeared.