In October 2001, S’Albufereta was declared a nature reserve. | X. FERNANDEZ

In October 2001, S’Albufereta was declared a nature reserve. It then became a special nature reserve four years later, having already been a natural area of special interest since 1991.

The status isn’t the same as S’Albufera, which is a nature park. But to all intents and purposes, the level of protection is the same. There can’t be any development, or any more development, on wetlands that are to be conserved because of their ornithological and botanical value.

S’Albufereta, the little S’Albufera, covers 211 hectares. There are a further 290 hectares surrounding it that are subject to regulation in order to prevent negative environmental impact. The core 211 hectares compare with the 2,036 that S’Albufera now covers - just one tenth - but the little wetlands still pack a great deal in, as was explained on Friday evening by the former mayor of Pollensa, Miquel Ángel March.

To mark the start of the celebrations for the twentieth anniversary, March, wearing his hat as one-time spokesperson for the environmentalists GOB, discussed the historical uses of S’Albufereta. Today, from 10am, there is a guided tour that sets out from Can Cuarassa. Next Saturday, there will be another tour - this one of Sa Marina.