Moreno clan members in court for a previous case. | Archive

On Thursday, there will be a hearing at the Provincial Court in Palma for the trial of 72 people accused of drugs offences. The Prosecutor's Office is calling for a total of 490 years in prison, with individual sentences of up to twelve years, plus fines up to 1.2 million euros.

From different drugs clans, the prosecution maintains that the defendants were involved in the sale of drugs for several years until they were arrested following a Guardia Civil investigation. Officers found that they formed groups that operated both within their own circles and in connection with others.

One of the clans is Carmen, operated by the matriarch with the assistance of her sister and daughters. The prosecution claims that this clan ran different points of sale for cocaine, heroin, marijuana and hashish in Palma. Several of its members were in contact with the Andújar Clan based in Son Banya. The head of this clan was passing instructions to his wife from the prison in Palma. Members of four other clans face trial - Eva, Moreno, Seco and Pitillo. The drugs activity went beyond Palma to various municipalities in Mallorca, such as Inca.