The police have sealed the terrace off. | Elena Ballestero

The mayor of Pollensa, Tomeu Cifre, has been formally denounced to the courts in Inca by a Puerto Pollensa businessman. The mayor has been accused of "prevaricación"* in respect of the sealing-off a terrace that occupies the pavement but also part of the beach. The businessman maintains that there is "no reason" to justify this and that the town hall "has no jurisdiction".

The mayor, he claims, "makes distinctions with the locals". His is the only place to have been sealed off. He therefore alleges discriminatory treatment.

Tomeu Cifre says that he is relaxed about the accusation. "The Costas told us that we could act because the terrace doesn't have an activity licence. The installation of the terrace on the sand without an activity licence had created a precedent that we could not allow. It doesn't concern me at all and I'm sure that I will have the support of all political groups."

The businessman concerned is the same one who filed a complaint with the Costas about the children's playgrounds and picnic area on the beach. That complaint was eventually dismissed, when the Costas accepted arguments presented by the town hall.

* Prevaricación is a Spanish legal term which essentially refers to a public official accused of making a decision knowing this to be unjust or illegal.